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hey friends! im trying to earn money so i decided to open this!
like i said its pay what you want but there are rules kinda?
basicly if you pay 5$ and under you can tell me colors you like and ill make something but you don’t have control over what that something is!
when you pay 6-10$ you get to tell me what colors AND what theme or species you want
at 15+ you get to tell me everything + a preferred style 
from there its just the more you pay the more the complex and detailed your character will be :D here are some examples


imageclick through for a better view of this one

if your interested please contact me though any one of these!

life update
i did a bunch of water colors tonight
i should invest in a scanner
also i start my first day of art college on the 14th (monday) so yeah
i guess i’ll be posting alot of school work here!



—————————ok so a quick word!!
i hit 140 followers so i deiced to do a giveaway! i know most of your follow me for my (quality) reblogs but all i really have to offer is my art! so if you like what you see below please continue to be great and support me by checking out ( and mayhaps following >w>; ) me on my art blog or my weasyl! ———————————————

ok so heres the run down and the rules!

  • you must be following my personal account/ art blog/ or my weasyl you do not have to be following all of them, and following all of them does not give you an advantage over other people <3
  • likes and reblogs count (but please no spamming reblogs)
  • if i have enough people enter i will include a second and third place!

have fun, good luck! and so that this doesn’t take up too much space prizes listed under the cut!

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last week i finally flew into Va from hawaii ;w; gonna miss that place so much but meh now im here! seeing my college on saturday and moving into the new house i had been staying with grandparents idk when ill finally be able to settle in and take out my tablet we dont know when the moving trucks…

yooo! :D it can be any character or one of my OCs

yooo! :D it can be any character or one of my OCs

hi there! i was wondering if i could use your naked theodore in an apron art for an icon or something if i give credit on my blog. it's totally fine if you'd rather not! :) i just find it absolutely hilarious.

omg yeah go for it. theo in an apron is my new fav thing right now it needs to spread XD 

-posted so other people know its ok too-

god i  cant wait   for persona Q 

a second lighter/ more colorful version of your final show and just paintra! so you can see all her details 

"Welcome one and all! To YOUR final show!"

"Welcome one and all! To YOUR final show!"

im stupid

and sometimes forget what blog im logged into! 
i deleted the not art reblogs but i decided to keep some of the others! 

from now on if i reblog something it’ll be tagged as not mine~